What about Sabie, One of the most beautiful places on planet earth. As you drive throw the mountain pass, making that last turn into the town, will make you understand what i mean.  Sabie is a forestry town situated on the banks of the Sabie River in Mpumalanga, South AfricaThe Shangaan called this river Ulusaba because the river was once teeming with dangerous Nile crocodiles and as a result, the Tsonga Shangaan people dubbed it Ulusaba (fearful river)Image result for sabie south africa.

The town was started after H.T. Glynn and J.C. Ingle found gold there and formed the Glynns-Lydenburg Gold Mining Company.

Sabie is located 360 kilometres east of Johannesburg and is 64 kilometres west of the popular Kruger National Park. It is known for its scenery and beautiful waterfalls, and is a popular tourist destination.
Its main industry is forestry. The plantations surrounding Sabie form one of the world’s largest man-made forests.Image result for sabie south africa
It is situated approximately 1,000 metres (3,281 feet) above sea level and is in the summer rainfall area. During the winter period, there is little rainfall, and the area can become intensely dry. Forest fires are prevalent during this time, therefore precautions are taken before hand to create fire breaks, as well as to incorporate block burningImage result for sabie south africa
Sabie is also a tourism based town and relies on the steady flow of tourists year round to keep the community economy going. There are many attractions in and around the town itself. Of these the most popular is the Lone Creek Falls about 10 km (6 mi) outside of town. There are many other waterfalls in the area, such as Maria Shire, Horseshoe, Forest Falls and of course the Sabie River falls situated within the town itself.

  Image result for sabie south africaA large portion of the tourism is taken up by the adventurous mountain bikers that make their way to the downhill slaloms in the pine forests. One of these is the Noon to Moon which is a 10-hour endurance relay race for teams of 3. Teams complete as many laps as possible around a 7.5 km (5 mi) course of single track. The start is at 12 noon from the Castle Rock Camp site in Sabie and includes 3 hours of night riding. There are many kilometres of flowing single tracks which make this town a must to visit for mountain bikers.

There is also excellent trout fly fishing in the Sabie River which is regularly stocked. Permits are required to fish.
You will fall in love with this town. Small town, but so much to do, Put this town on your bucket list.


One of the most appealing town i have visited in SA. Knysna, if have never been there you have to put it on your bucket list. Once you have visited the town you will understand what i mean.

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 Knysna is situated in the heart of the Garden Route and is the perfect town to stay while exploring the surrounding areas. With a host of luxurious Guest Houses, fully-equipped Caravan Parks and up-market

hotels there is a spot that everyone can call home for just a while.

Make sure that you plan your holiday with enough days to fully explore the quaint town of Knysna.Home to the illustrious Pansy Shell, the Knysna Lagoon is a must-see spot. Children will love playing in the shallow waters, as adults sit in their deck chairs and marvel at the Knysna Heads. Secure, peaceful and beautiful                                   
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Coffee Bay

 Coffee Bay.

Coffee Bay is probably one of South Africa’s hidden paradises. It is believed that the name Coffee Bay came about in 1893 when a ship full of coffee beans ran aground. The ship spilled its cargo of coffee beans, some of which reached shore, and took root there. Today, the area is completely devoid of coffee beans.

Coffee Bay has a number of advantages over its rival Wild Coast destinations. Probably the most important, especially for visitors who are not used to unpaved roads, is the fact that a tarred road leads all the way there.

 The tunnel is big enough to drive a ski boat through but only the foolishly brave would attempt to do so, as the sea crashes through there – hence the local nameesiKhaleni, which means ‘place of noise.

 Most people visit here for the marvellous scenery, the lovely beaches and the charm of the local people but there are some more active choices as well. Visitors can enjoy excellent fishing, surfing, swimming or some bird spotting.
Guests can also abseil right over the sea, a scenic day canoe trip on the Umtata River or an escorted walk. And, of course, once they’ve worked up an appetite, they could munch their way through lots of lovely seafood.
Coffee Bay is about an hour’s drive from the N2 on a tarred, but unfenced, road, which branches off the N2 about 20km on the East London side of Umtata. The closest airport is at Umtata – with flights only to and from Johannesburg.