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Africa is referred to as the cradle of human life as we know it, being the oldest inhabited territory in the world. Travel through Africa will reveal the modern dilemma of a region pushing forward with globalization and technology at the same time that many cultures and tribes are striving to protect their traditional way of life. In addition to human life, Africa supports the world’s most spectacular collection of rare species and biodiversity. Encountering Africa’s wilderness firsthand is not only a radically unique experience, but also a once-in-a-lifetime privilege that future generations may not have the opportunity to share.

Many Regions, More Identities

The overwhelming expanse of the African continent is best understood and traveled by region. The different regions in Africa are individually as diverse as the continent in its entirety, and the complexities of the cultures and nationalities leave the unsuspecting traveler dumbfounded.

Southern Africa is a blend of forests, grasslands and deserts rich with diamonds and gold. Travel in southern Africa is unique due to the high population of Europeans and Indians; consequently, a distinct culture of food, music, art and religion has emerged from the blending of traditions.

Growing urban centers, breathtaking national parks and endless encounters with the past is only the beginning of your African travels. Travel to Africa and meet the many faces of our global history. The constant adventure and intellectual intrigue of this multifaceted and ancient continent is a journey that will be cherished for a lifetime. For more information, or to plan your tour/ trip contact us at

Plan your Tour in Ballito, South Africa

Most of the Tours will be held in the Northern Area of KwaZulu-Natal. Here in Ballito we have everything you can think off, and whats not here is also not to far from us. Ballito is a very popular Tourist Attraction in South Africa besides Cape Town. We can provide you with Extreme Sport, Safari`s, Hiking, Museums, and a lot more.  

We will design your tour just the way you want it. Just send us an Email , and you will receive a email back within 8 hours with a form that you have to fill in and send back to us. In this form you will tell us about your Tour and what you have in mind for you and your Family/Friends or Kids. We will plan your perfect trip, with the best prices for Accommodation and Activities that you are interested in. We will put a tour together for you, and will send you a detailed quote.